How to Turn on the Pioneer DEH-P4800MP Manual AUX Input

Updated February 21, 2017

Pioneer Electronics' DEH-P4800MP in-car audio system can control two extra pieces of audio or video equipment like a videocassette recorder or other portable device. The devices are read in as "AUX" sources and are assigned "AUX1" or "AUX2." "AUX1" equipment is connected using a 3.5mm stereo mini plug and the "AUX2" connection is via an IP-BUS-RCA connector. The equipment can be turned on or off independently of each other. Before you can use either "AUX," you need to switch the inputs on.

Press "Function" to select "AUX1/AUX2." Press it repeatedly until "AUX1/AUX2" appears on the display.

Press the up or down arrow buttons to turn the auxiliary input on or off. Check the display. "AUX1:ON" indicates that "AUX1" is switched on, for example.

Select the source by pressing "Source" and then choosing "AUX1" or "AUX2" as the source. The auxiliary input will be played.


You can change the title if you like. The title displayed for each "AUX1" or "AUX2" can be changed. After you have selected the source, press "Function" until "Title In" is displayed. Press the up and down arrow buttons to choose letters of the alphabet. Use the left-pointing arrow to move to the next character. Then press "Band" to return to the normal display. The title will be memorised.

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