How to make a no-sew tutu in less than two hours

Tutus make great gifts, especially for Christmas and birthdays. They're also fabulous costume basics and fun to wear for both adults and children. Though they can be expensive to buy and a hassle to sew, they can also be cheap and extremely easy with no sewing necessary. These tutus are made to be extremely poufy and can be made in two hours or less. There are many tutorials out there, but this particular pattern has been tweaked and developed for maximum pouf.

Wrap the tape measure around the hips or waist. Some people prefer to wear the tutu on their waists, others prefer to wear it on their hips. Add an extra inch so you can knot it and cut it. For those who are comfortable with the sewing machine, this can be stitched. Do not use a stapler as the staple can snag the tulle and can also come apart after many times of pulling on and off.

Use the tape measure to decide how long you want the tutu to be; super short, mid- thigh, knee length or long. Double this number and add 2 inches for the knot. If you want a tutu to be 12 inches, you will cut the strips to 26 inches.

Visit a store such as Michael's, Hobby Lobby or Joanne's, which carry spools of tulle in their bridal sections. These are much easier to use than bolts of tulle. You can buy the spools in every colour, including sparkly tulle. The spools ensure the strips are cut smoothly and evenly. Using spools will also drastically cut down on the time it takes to make the tutu.

To determine how many spools you need, decide how long you want the tutu to be (length x 2 + 2) and then multiple that times 5 pieces per inch. I usually just start with five spools and keep the leftovers. A full tutu always looks better than a sparse one. The more spools, the better!

Lay the tulle out on a yard stick. Using your length measurement, cut the strips to size (if you want a 12 inch tutu, cut the 26 inch strips- remember, the extra two inches are for the knot). For a 24 inch waist, use a minimum of 140 strips. The more strips of tulle you use, the "poofier" the tutu will be.

Start tying the strips onto the elastic band by knotting them at the halfway point. Make sure the knots are tight on the band but not so tight that it disfigures the band. Tie as many strips as you can fit onto the band. Keep pushing the strips together. If you're making more than one colour, you can alternate three at a time, or more or less.

Once you are finished tying the strips onto the elastic band, you can add a decoration- a ribbon, a flower, or some other embellishment can add flare to your tutu. Either tie it through one of loops on the elastic or tack it on with a needle and thread.


Michaels and Hobby Lobby both offer 40 per cent-off coupons often. A typical adult tutu might come to £8. If you're going to make a dark tutu, such as purple or black, use black elastic. If you're making a light coloured one, go with the white or nude. The white elastic stands out like a sore thumb on a dark tutu.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Spools of tulle in one or more colours
  • 1 inch elastic in white for a light-coloured tutu or black for a dark tutu
  • Satin ribbon, flower, or other decoration (optional)
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