How Do I Get a Job Working for Monster Energy?

Updated February 21, 2017

If you're passionate about extreme sports, and like Monster Energy Drink (Monster), you may have what it takes to join the Monster team. This energy drink commonly sponsors extreme-sports athletes and is a regular advertiser in the extreme-sports scene. Though Monster has a variety of job openings at different times throughout the year, it's always seeking members for its Monster Ambassador Team, which attends events and publicises the Monster brand.

Visit the Monster website and search for "Jobs" at the top of the page. Browse opportunities. A variety of jobs appear sporadically, but there are always openings for the Monster Ambassador Team.

Consider your credentials key to this position before beginning the application process. Successful applicants often are energetic and have dynamic personalities, an ability to recruit others, an understanding of the Monster brand and a knowledge and passion for extreme sports.

Think about your other attributes. Monster often seeks employees who have logistical skills, are able to successfully manage their time and can communicate effectively. Additionally, you must be at least 21-years-old . You also must have had a drivers' license for at least three years.

Explain your credentials and outline why you wish to join Monster in a cover letter. Also, update your resume to ensure it reflects the traits Monster seeks in its applicants. Send your cover letter and resume to and await a response.


If you're not selected for a position, you may not hear back from Monster.

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