How to Make a Mosaic With Cement

Updated April 17, 2017

If you want to make an outdoor mosaic, such as an area in a patio or pathway, or mosaic stepping stones to lead through a garden, ordinary cement is an ideal medium to use as it is hard-wearing and safe to walk on. By using the direct method of pushing mosaic materials into wet cement, you can use items such as pebbles or broken decorative crockery shards as well as traditional mosaic tesserae (mosaic blocks or tiles).

Choose the design you'd like for your mosaic.It does not need to be complicated as simple geometric designs work very well in outdoor mosaics. Draw your design on paper that is the same size as the intended finished mosaic.

Assemble your mosaic materials. Fit your mosaic materials, whether you're using pebbles or tesserae into your paper template to see how they fit and how the different materials and colours look next to each other. You can rearrange them on the paper template before you commit them permanently to the cement.

Mix your concrete either following the manufacturer's instructions if you have a bag of ready mixed cement, or if you're mixing your own, make a cement mortar using a ratio of three parts cement to one part sand.

Smooth your mixed, wet cement over the area you wish to mosaic. If you're making stepping stones put the wet cement into a mould, such as a large shallow pan, or if you're making a mosaic as part of a path or patio fill that section with cement.

Transfer your mosaic materials from the paper template to the cement, working methodically to recreate your chosen design. Press each pebble or tile individually into the wet cement, keeping their top surfaces level to create as smooth a surface as possible. Allow the cement to dry completely before walking on it or moving it.


Work on a small area at a time, as you don't want the cement to dry before you press your mosaic pieces into it.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Tiles or pebbles
  • Cement
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