How to Copy Video From YouTube to a Hard Drive

Updated February 21, 2017

You may have found a great video on YouTube that you're now looking to save and share. The only trouble is YouTube won't let you download it to your computer. While you won't find the solution to the problem within the YouTube platform, you can use a third-party video sharing site to help you copy the video from YouTube to your computer's hard drive.

Go to the video you want to copy on YouTube. Copy the URL from the browser window.

Navigate to a free video sharing site such as or Locate the "URL" box and paste in the copied URL. Click "Download."

Click to advance through any permission screens requesting applet access to your computer.

Click on the download type from the list of video types. Choices typically include "flv" and ".mp4," so make your selection based on what's compatible with your computer and where you may use the video later on. Most media players will play most common video types, including MP4 and FLV. Wait for your video to download to your computer's hard drive.

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