How to Unhighlight Clicked Links

Written by herman cruz | 13/05/2017
How to Unhighlight Clicked Links
Leave no trace of your surfing habits by unhighlighting the links you have clicked on. (Comstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images)

Internet browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer highlight the links you click on. For instance, when you perform a search using a search engine and click on any link displayed on the search results, the link becomes highlighted by changing from blue to a purple-like colour. The same applies when you click on links displayed on websites. This leaves a trace of websites you visit. To remove the highlighted colour from a link you've visited, erase the URL that belongs to that link from your browser's History library. Your browser will automatically remove the highlighted colour form the link thereafter.

Launch IE, click on the Star icon (Favorites folder) on the upper-right of the window.

Click the "History" tab displayed on the Favorites window, click the drop-down bar displayed in the History dialogue box and click the option that says "Search History."

Type the name of the link that is highlighted in the search bar. For instance, if you visited a link connected to Craigslist, type "Craigslist" in the search bar and then click the "Search Now" tab. All the links associated with Craigslist will then be displayed in the window.

Right click on the link you don't want highlighted and then click "Delete". This link will no longer appear highlighted when you visit the website again. Perform these steps for every link you don't want highlighted. If you want to remove all highlighted links at once, delete all your browsing history. To accomplish this click the "Tools" icon, click "Safety" from the drop-down menu and then click on "Delete Browsing History". All links you've visited will no longer be highlighted.

Launch Firefox, click the "History" tab displayed on the upper-left area of the window and then click "Show All History" from the drop-down menu. The History folder will then pop up.

Type the name of the website associated to the link you don't want highlighted in the search box displayed on the upper-right region of the History window. For example, if the link is associated with Craigslist, type "Craigslist" in this search box. All links associated with the website you typed will be displayed in the window thereafter.

Right-click the link you want to stop being highlighted and then click "Delete This Page." Follow these steps for every link you don't want highlighted. You can delete all your browsing history so that no link is highlighted. To do this click the "Tools" tab and then click on "Clear Recent History".

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