How to Troubleshoot an Aiwa Mini Stereo CD Changer

Updated February 21, 2017

A mini Aiwa stereo system consists of dual tape decks, a compact disc (CD) player and FM and AM radio. The extra tape deck comes in handy for CD duplication, tape duplication or a radio recording. On some models, the speakers can be attached or removed. After the system is set up and powered, you might experience some setbacks with power, radio reception, CD playback or speaker connection. Each can be fixed with basic maintenance, reconnection or cleaning.

Unplug the power cord from the power source to reset the connection if the stereo doesn't turn on. The power cord might be compromised. Inspect the power cord for damage, such as tears, dents or frays. If the cord is damaged, replace it. Plug an alternate electrical device into the power outlet to test it. Unplug the device and plug the Aiwa back in.

Fold back the speaker tabs for the two connected speakers and remove the wires if the sound doesn't work. Inspect the tips of the wires to confirm that just the tips are stripped of the rubber casing enough so that only metal is inserted into the terminals. Insert the white striped wire of the right speaker into the "+" terminal of the "R" column of the speaker section on the back of the Aiwa and close the tab. Insert the black wire of the right speaker into the "-" terminal of the "R" column and close the tab. Perform the same function on the left speaker in the "L" column.

Fold back the FM and AM antenna tabs on the back of the Aiwa and remove the antenna wires if reception is poor. Inspect the tips of the wires to confirm that the tips are stripped enough so that none of the rubber casing is folded into the terminal. Insert both of the FM and AM wires into the "FM" and "AM" terminals respectively. Close the tabs. Move the antennas around while the corresponding radio station plays to determine the best location for reception. Mount the FM antenna onto the wall in a T formation.

Push the eject button on the CD player or changer and remove the problem CD from the chamber. Inspect the disc for grime or blockage. If the disc is dirty, moisten a soft cloth with CD cleaner and wipe the disc from centre to the outer edges. Place the dry CD into the chamber with the playable side face down and the label side face up.

Press the power button to turn off the Aiwa as a first step to performing a system reset. Perform a reset if an error occurs on the display or either of the cassette decks. Push the power button and the clear button at the same time. All settings are reverted back to default and the system is reset.

Things You'll Need

  • Soft cloth
  • CD cleaner
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