How to Crop With CyberLink's PowerDirector

Updated February 21, 2017

CyberLink's PowerDirector application is a high-powered video-editing program that you can use to capture, edit and burn your own video projects. PowerDirector's editing features allow you to add effects to, and edit the properties of, a video clip. If you only want to display a portion of a video clip, then you can use PowerDirector's crop Power Tool to reduce the size of the clip.

Run the CyberLink PowerDirector application and open your video project.

Click the video clip on the video timeline that you wish to crop.

Click the "Power Tools" button to open the Power Tools dialogue box on the left side of the program window.

Click the "Crop Video" button.

Select the area that you wish to crop the video to, and then click OK to crop the selection.

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