How to make people thinner in photoshop elements

Updated April 17, 2017

Knowing how to make someone appear slimmer in Photoshop Elements has many applications besides the one related to weight loss. You can use the same essential operation involved in slimming to create larger muscles for someone lacking those. You could also create comic effects like a pinhead on a huge body. To make people appear thinner with Elements, use the "Free transform" tool, which includes the scaling function needed for the thinning effect.

Click the "File" menu, then click the "Open" command. Use the controls of the "Open" dialogue box to move to a folder containing a photo of someone you want to make thinner.

Click the file to select it, then click "Open" to load it into Elements. Click the lasso-shaped icon from the tool palette to run the "Lasso" tool, which lets you precisely cut subjects out of pictures.

Click inside the "Feather" text box above the canvas, then type a number from 5 to 20, followed by typing the characters "px." This action tells Elements to soften the edge of the selection you're going to make. Softer selection edges on the image you're making thinner will let the new image blend more naturally into the background. This will make your work harder to detect.

Click the lasso icon just under the chin of the person you want to make thinner. Drag the mouse to trace completely around the outline of the person's body, including the arms and legs. Exclude only the head from your tracing. If you make the head thinner, your manipulation will likely be noticed at first glance.

Click the "Image" menu, then click the "Transform" sub-menu. Click the "Free transform" command to make Elements draw a bounding box around the person you're thinning. You can slim the person with this bounding box.

Click either the left or right edge of the bounding box, then drag the mouse toward the box's opposite edge. This action causes all image portions within the box to shrink, producing the thinning effect.

Repeat the previous step for the box side opposite the one you just dragged to complete the thinning operation.

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