How to Make Cupcake Wrappers From Foil & Bake in Them

Cupcake wrappers are often used to make the cupcakes easier to remove from the tin and to reduce cleanup, and are typically made from paper or foil. The wrappers can also be used to enhance the presentation of the cupcakes, as wrappers come in a variety of colours and patterns. While cupcake wrappers are widely available from supermarkets and speciality baking stores, they are also simple and quick to make at home using aluminium foil.

Cut several squares or circles out of the aluminium foil using the scissors. The foil should be cut approximately 1 inch larger than the outside edge of the cupcake moulds.

Place the foil over the bottom of the glass or measuring cup, and gently mould the foil around the glass or cup.

Remove the moulded foil from the glass or cup, and place it upright into the cupcake tin. Repeat with remaining pieces of foil until all of the moulds in the cupcake tin are filled.

Fill the foil cups with prepared cake batter, and bake as directed in the recipe guidelines.


The cupcake wrappers can be greased with cooking spray or butter to ensure the cupcakes do not stick. The cut pieces of foil can also be placed directly inside the cupcake moulds, and gently pushed into the correct shape. Pinking shears can be used to cut the foil, to give the wrappers a decorative touch.

Things You'll Need

  • Aluminium foil
  • Scissors
  • Cupcake or muffin tin
  • Glass or measuring cup that fits inside cupcake mould
  • Prepared cake batter
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