How to Copy & Paste Contacts in Outlook

Updated April 17, 2017

Microsoft Outlook stores e-mail addresses, phone numbers, business locations and other contact information in a virtual address book. If you have multiple contacts that have the same business or home address, or who work for the same company, rather than input the data for each contact manually, you can copy the first contact's information and paste one or more copies of the data into the address book. You can then edit the copies as necessary.

Open Microsoft Outlook. Click the "Contacts" button. Click the "Home" tab, and then select the "Business Card" icon.

Select the existing contact to copy. Hold down "Ctrl" and "C" to copy the template to the clipboard.

Hold down "Ctrl" and "V" to create a duplicate of the contact. Click the "Add New Contact" radio button when the "Duplicate Contact Detect" window appears.

Click "Add." Double-click the duplicate contact the make any desired changes. Click the "Save & Close" button when you are done.

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