How to wrap a label around a bottle in illustrator

Create a bottle and wrap a label around it in Illustrator to make a 3D image of a bottle. Labelled bottle images can be used for advertising, making menus and other commercial applications. Create your own label with Illustrator and then add it to the bottle and make it 3D to wrap the label around the bottle. Add eye-catching shading and lighting to give the bottle small details to make it as realistic as possible.

Make a square label to go around the bottle. Press "Ctrl + A" to select all the elements. Click and drag the label over to the "Symbols" panel. A "Symbol Options" dialogue box will appear on the screen. Type in a name for the symbol in the "Name" text box. Select "Graphic." Click "OK." Delete the label from the artboard by pressing "Backspace."

Draw the bottle with the "Pen Tool." Select the bottle. Go to "Effect." Select "3D." Select "Revolve." Click on "Preview." Select "More Options." Select "New Light" and drag two light sources in place onto the bottle, placing them off-centre to the left and the right from the front of the bottle.

Select the "Map Art" tab. The "Map Art" dialogue box will open up. Click on the bottle and outline it with red with the "Surface Indicator." Select the label from the "Symbol" drop-down menu located in the upper left corner of the box. Click on the label and drag it over the white area in the box. The white area is the area that is currently in view on the 3D bottle. If you need to resize the label, click and drag the sides to make it bigger or smaller.

Select "Shade Artwork." This adds highlights and shadows to the bottle and label. Select "OK" to close the box. Add a small shadow behind the bottle's left hand side. Select "Create New Layer" icon located at the bottom of the "Layers" panel. Click on it and drag it over to the bottom of the bottle's left hand side. Make a shape similar to the bottle that is half cut off by the front view of the bottle. Colour the shape black with the "Fill" tool. Select "Window." Select "Transparency." Change the "Opacity" to 45 per cent. Save your file.

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