How to Set Up an HP 2055 Printer

Updated April 17, 2017

The HP 2055d and 2055dn LaserJet series of printers were designed to function as network printers for a small or medium office and can be installed on your office network to provide printing capabilities to anyone connected to the network. You can connect the printer to your network with a standard Ethernet cable; once the printer is connected to the network, you can use a networked computer to configure the printer remotely with the HP 2055 set-up disc.

Connect the HP 2055 LaserJet printer to your network by inserting the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet cable port on the back of the printer. Turn on the printer and wait two minutes while the printer configures itself.

Press the down arrow on the printer's control panel until "Reports" appears. Select "Reports" from the printer menu by pressing "Enter." Press the down arrow until "Configuration Report" appears and press "Enter" to print the page.

Check the report for an "IP Address." If the printer does not yet have an IP address listed, wait another minute and repeat the previous step.

Insert your HP 2055 set-up disc into a computer on the same network as the printer. Open the disc and run "Setup.exe" to start the set-up application.

Follow the instructions provided by the set-up application. When prompted for the printer's IP address, use the IP address listed on the configuration report printed in step 2.

Wait for the installation process to complete. Send a test page to the printer to ensure it is configured properly on the network.

Things You'll Need

  • Ethernet cable
  • HP 2050 series set-up disc
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