How to Make Pom-Poms for Kids

Updated April 17, 2017

Cheerleaders mesmerise a crowd with skilfully choreographed dance numbers, impress with their gravity-defying stunts, and, perhaps most importantly, encourage their team with spirited cheers. So it's no wonder so many little kids, especially little girls, dream of donning a stylish cheer uniform and shaking a pair of plastic pom-poms of their own one day. Until then, you can encourage your child to express team spirit with a pair of pom-poms fashioned from garbage bags.

Unfold all the garbage bags. Cut off the bottoms of the bags to achieve straight edges. Cut along one side crease of each bag so it opens up into a large sheet of plastic. Separate the sheets of plastic into two stacks of 10.

Lay each stack out horizontally. Fold the bottom edge of each stack up to the top edge. Cut the stacks along the crease.

Cut 4-inch-deep slits every 1 inch along the top and bottom edges of the plastic. Roll each stack from left to right.

Wrap duct tape around the centre of each roll from the bottom of the top slits to the top of the bottom slits. Wrap the tape as tightly as possible to squeeze the centre for a dense handle.

Scrunch the plastic fringe on both sides of the handle to achieve full fluffy pom-poms.


Use cheaper garbage bags -- the kind that easily tear -- to make the pom-poms. They cut more easily and make a more authentic pom-pom noise.

Things You'll Need

  • 20 13-gallon garbage bags
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Duct tape
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