How to Make an Origami Pacman With a Post-It Note

Updated April 17, 2017

Pac-man is the yellow video game character from the world-famous Pac-man arcade game series. Origami is the ancient Japanese art of paper-folding, and Post-it notes are the trademarked name given to small rectangular or square adhesive pieces of paper, which are often used to jot down notes. It is possible to fold a single Post-it note to create an movable paper Pac-man. You can use a yellow coloured Post-it note to create a more authentic origami Pac-man.

Start with a square-shaped Post-it note. If your Post-it note is not square, fold the bottom left corner up to the top side of the note, and cut off the paper to the right of the square.

Fold the square in half. Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise; unfold. Fold the left side of the rectangle into the centre fold, repeat with the right side.

Unfold the two side folds and slip your finger in between the two sheets of paper. Press the middle of the inside of the right fold of paper down, to form a triangular shape. Repeat with the left side. Flip the Post-it note over.

Fold the left side into the centre of the Post-it note. Fold the right side into the centre of the Post-it note.

Lift the bottom left corner up so that the right edge creates a 90-degree angle from the bottom right corner. Flip the Post-it note over and repeat this folding technique with the same section of paper on the other side.

Fold the bottom left edge of the triangle up so that it touches the top left corner of the Post-it note. Flip the Post-it note over and repeat with the other-side.

Insert your fingers into the slot at the top of the Post-it note, pull the sides outward to create a square-shaped pocket. Fold the four triangular edges back. Insert your thumb and index finger into the small triangular pockets, and move them up and down to move Pac-man's mouth.


Be careful when folding the Post-it note, as the edges of the paper can cause paper-cuts.

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