How to Turn Off Pokes on Facebook

Written by diana braun | 13/05/2017

"Poke" is a basic feature of Facebook that allows members of the social networking site to say hello. When a user of Facebook pokes someone, the name of the person sending the poke appears under the "Pokes" section on the home page of the person being poked. Recipients of pokes then have the option to acknowledge the poke and poke the member back, ignore the poke or delete it. If a poke is not returned, it remains on the home page until it is removed. This feature cannot be disabled. Only individual pokes can be turned off.

Log in to your Facebook account.

Locate the "Pokes" section in the right panel of your Home page.

Click the "X" to the right of each poke you wish to turn off. The poke is deleted.

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