How to Draw a Stationary Line in Microsoft Word

Updated April 17, 2017

Microsoft Word 2010 can insert a line that does not move as you enter text. For example, the lines on an online form should stay fixed as you type in the blank spaces. The "Insert" tab on the command ribbon includes a "Table" button that creates a table for your document. You can insert a table cell that displays a bottom border line for the blank space. As you type text in the cell, the text stays with the line.

Open the Word document.

Click the "Insert" tab on the command ribbon.

Click where you would like to insert the line on the document.

Click the "Table" button in the "Tables" group. An "Insert Table" dialogue box appears. A chart of squares appears.

Click the first square. This one square forms one cell on the document. This horizontal line extends as far as the page margins. If you wish to change this line length, move the pointer over the end of the cell. A resize pointer displaying "<||>" appears. Move the arrows left or right to adjust the line length.

Right-click the cell. A list of commands opens.

Click "Borders and Shading."

Click the "Borders" tab.

Click "None" in the "Setting" section.

Click the preferred style, colour or width of the line.

Select the bottom border button in the "Preview" section. Deselect the other border options, if necessary.

Click "Table" in the "Apply to" text box.

Click "OK." The cell will show one line with three faint blue lines.

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