How to Calm Your Rottweilers

Updated November 21, 2016

The Rottweiler is known for its affectionate and loyal temperament, although it can be wary around strangers as it is a breed with a strong protective instinct, according to Dog Breed Info Center. If your Rottweiler reacts in a hyperactive or aggressive manner, you must address the problem to calm the dog. As a responsible dog owner, it is important that you learn how to control your Rottweiler, which is a large breed that requires firm leadership.

Take your dog on a long walk every day to drain excess energy and frustration, which can trigger hyperactivity and aggression. Show your Rottweiler that you are the pack leader by always walking out of the front door before the dog and making the dog walk slightly behind you. Correct unwanted behaviour, such as pulling on the leash or reacting excitedly to other dogs or people. Do this by giving a quick, sideways tug on the leash. At the end of the walk, make the dog wait until all other family members have entered the house.

Do not acknowledge the Rottweiler when you first walk into the house. Ignore overexcited behaviour, and turn away from the dog with your arms folded if it jumps up at you. Wait a few minutes for the Rottweiler to calm down completely and then give affection.

Exercise control of your Rottweiler by telling it to sit and wait before giving food or affection and when guests are entering the house. Tell guests not to give eye contact or touch the dog when they first enter the house. Inform visitors that they can pet the Rottweiler after five minutes if the dog is in a relaxed state.

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