Directions for Wella T-10 toners

Updated February 21, 2017

Wella T-10 toner, also known as the Ivory Lady, is a liquid permanent hair colouring. It is formulated to be applied to pre-lightened, bleached or grey hair for a pale, blond dyeing process. Wella's T-10 is referred to as a toner because the colour is designed to tone down brassy bleached tones and blend in naturally with other shades in the blond colour family. It also transitions grey hairs into a natural, platinum blond appearance that is more white than yellow. Wella recommends that the T-10 colour be followed up with the application of their Regenal lotion to balance the hair's acidity level and stop the chemical process.

Put the thin gloves on your hands.

Mix the Wella T-10 toner in your plastic mixing tray with your colouring brush. Mix two parts developer to one part toner. For instance, 42.5 g (1.5 oz) of toner requires 85.1 g (3 oz) of developer. This amount of developer is sufficient if you are just dyeing your roots.

Use three times this amount if you are dying an entire head of medium-length hair. Use the entire bottle if you are dying an entire head of long hair for the first time.

Confirm that the colour is not running off of the brush. You want a thick, creamy consistency. Runny colour will come in contact with the scalp. If you recently bleached your hair, the Wella T-10 toner may burn your scalp and cause irritation.

Separate hair that you do not want to dye with hair clips. Brush the colour mix onto accessible hair. Use the pointed end of your colouring brush to part the hair throughout the colouring process. Do not dig into your scalp with the brush point.

Leave Wella T-10 toner on for approximately 15 minutes. Toner left on for longer than 15 minutes will make the undertones in the toner appear in your hair and discolour it.

Rinse Wella T-10 out thoroughly with warm water. If you are using Wella's Regenal pH balancing lotion, apply it liberally after you rinse the toner out. Rinse it out with warm water after three to five minutes. Regenal has conditioning properties that include smoothing out the hair cuticle so you may opt to use it instead of conditioner.

Apply a conditioner for three to five minutes and rinse it out with cool water. Towel dry and style hair as desired.


Wella T-10 bottle instructions recommend blending with a 20 or 30 developer. The higher the developer number, the lighter your hair dye will become. Wella T-10 toner fades over time but still permanently changes the colour of hair.


You cannot expect platinum blond results on dark hair. Dark hair must be bleached with a peroxide-based lightening system first to get blond results. Wella T-10 left on past 15 minutes can turn hair grey or purple.

Things You'll Need

  • 20 or 30 Developer
  • Colour-mixing tray
  • Thin gloves
  • Hair-colouring brush
  • Conditioner
  • Hair clips (optional)
  • Wella Regelan lotion (optional)
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