How Do I Connect Headphones to an LG Plasma TV?

Updated March 23, 2017

Privacy is an important issue in most households. If someone is watching a TV program, not everyone else in the house wants to necessarily hear the sound, especially if it is loud. A number of LG plasma TVs come with headphone jacks installed enabling a viewer to plug in a headphone set and watch their program without causing noise disruption to the rest of the household. You can set the headphones up in a matter of seconds.

Turn the TV so that you are looking at the rear of the unit.

Locate the section on the right-hand side of the rear of the TV with a card slot and some jack ports in it.

Plug your headphone jack into the lowest port marked "H/P" with a headphone icon.

Plug a headphone adaptor into the red and white "Aux Out" ports on the back of the TV If you do not have a headphone jack. Adaptors can be purchased from most electrical stores. Plug your headphones into the adaptor.

Turn on the TV. Use the TV volume control to adjust the volume on your headphones.

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