How to Make an Origami Jesus

Updated February 21, 2017

Learning how to make an Origami Jesus can equip you with crafty knowledge which can be used during Christmas or Easter. You can also choose to give it as a small, informal gift to a church friend or pastor. Origami Jesus crafts also work well as a Sunday school activity for older elementary school students as well as high-schoolers. For your Origami Jesus you will only need one piece of origami paper and a marker or pen, making it a quick, easy and affordable craft idea.

Take a piece of square origami paper and fold all four corners up and into the centre. A small square is formed out of the four triangle folds.

Unfold the top triangle and fold each side of it upward and then fold up the centre of the same triangle. Pinch the sides so the centre of the triangle faces upward forming a "head." Flatten the triangle back down again.

Fold both sides of the triangle inward so they touch the created head. Fold the bottom of the square into the centre of the side folds. Flip over the paper and fold the sides inward again toward the centre. Unfold and flip over the paper again. The newest folds should now cause the paper to stand up on its own, forming a "manger."

Draw facial features onto the created head and your origami craft should look like a bundled baby Jesus asleep in the manger.


Use brown or mustard coloured origami paper with a white underside, and you will get realistic colouring that will be a great addition to your holiday decor

Things You'll Need

  • Origami paper (brown or yellow)
  • Pen or marker
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