How to Stop Condensation in a Tent

Written by christina sloane | 13/05/2017
How to Stop Condensation in a Tent
Cold weather and poor air circulation can cause condensation in a tent. (Hemera Technologies/ Images)

Many modern tents include mesh panels and double walls designed to control condensation. Nevertheless, cool, still weather conditions encourage moisture to build up, even inside expensive, high-quality tents. Condensation is a problem for sleeping campers, as it creates an uncomfortable moist environment, making it impossible to sleep soundly. With a bit of preparation, you can prevent the condensation problem and enjoy your camping trip.

Pitch your tent in a higher-altitude location, where airflow is better. Good air circulation prevents liquid from condensing. Orient the tent's opening so it faces the wind.

Spray the inside of the opened tent's inner wall with waterproofing spray marked for use with your tent's material. Waterproofing spray will make any condensation flow down the tent's wall rather than seeping through.

Open tent doors and panels to increase ventilation.

Things you need

  • Waterproofing spray

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