How to Reply to a Complaint Letter

Updated March 24, 2017

If you operate a business or have clients of any sort, you may at some point receive a complaint letter. In fact, in some professions, such as that of a landlord, a complaint letter might be the type of occurrence that you deal with on a regular basis. The reply that you offer in response to the complaint letter will partially depend on what you think of the complaint and if you plan to do anything about it. The important thing is to offer some kind of reply to the letter.

Figure out what you plan to do about the complaint. You can plan to do nothing. You can accept the complaint, or you can reject the complaint.

Head the reply with the person's name and address who complained. Add the date. Plan to print the letter on your professional letterhead, or add your name and address as well.

State that you have received the person's complaint letter and thank him for taking the time to write. This is the option to use if you plan to do nothing.

If you are accepting the complaint, offer an apology. Let the person know that you will be investigating the issue or give him an explanation of what happened. (Choose one depending on the situation.)

If you are rejecting the complaint, explain to the person as politely and professionally as possible why the complaint is not valid, why you are not at fault or why you are not responsible for the issue he is complaining about.

State what you plan to do about the complaint. If you are doing nothing, state there's nothing you can do at this time. If you accept the complaint, tell the person what it is in your power to do. If you reject the complaint, you can also do nothing. You can refer the person to someone else who might do something, or you can offer the person something as amends for his being unhappy.

Let the person know how he can contact you with further questions. Include your typed name, signature and title at the bottom of the letter.

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