How to Apply Fabric Stiffener

Written by ann jones | 13/05/2017

Fabric stiffener is a type of glue that soaks into material to make it hold a shape. Use fabric stiffener to create crocheted snowflakes with crisp points at Christmas or a band of white-sheet ghosts chasing each other around your lawn on Halloween. There is a wide variety of fabric stiffeners available online and in craft stores, with a choice for almost any project and budget. Create sculptures out of fabric scraps by reinforcing them with fabric stiffener.

Lay your fabric in a plastic mixing bowl and pour in just enough fabric stiffener to cover it. Put on rubber gloves and squeeze the fabric stiffener through the fabric until it is completely saturated.

Squeeze excess fabric stiffener out of the fabric and into the bowl.

Drape the fabric over a prepared armature or hang it until it dries into the shape you want. You can hang sheets of fabric from clotheslines or clothes hangers to create stiff "boards." The fabric stiffener may drip, so work outside or cover your floor in plastic garbage bags.

Paint on fabric stiffener with a sponge brush if you prefer not to soak your fabric. This method may be neater if stiffening large sheets of fabric indoors. Lay the fabric on a plastic bag and paint on two or three layers of stiffener until the fabric is completely saturated.

Clean up fabric stiffener spills right away with a damp sponge.

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