How to Create a Pretty Female Elf Mage in Dragon Age

Updated February 21, 2017

Dragon Age: Origins is a role-playing game that takes place in a magical land on the edge of destruction. In the game, you take on the role of a character that is central to the struggle against the dark power. As with most computer role-playing games, you have options to modify your character's race, class and appearance. While the appearance doesn't influence the game mechanics, it's best to make a character that you don't mind staring at for hours on end. Fortunately, the powerful creation and graphics engine makes it possible to create a character with an appearance that you desire.

Start the game from your desktop by double-clicking the installed icon. Wait for the program to begin and play through the introduction. Choose to create a new character.

Select your basic characteristics from the "Character Generation" menu. Click on the icon on the right under "Gender" to select a female. Choose the second icon under "Race" to create an elf. Under "Class" select the middle icon of the three available to choose a "Mage." Complete the selection process by clicking on the only visible icon, "Magi" in the "Background" section. Click "Next" at the bottom of the screen to continue.

Click on each of the settings in the "Appearance and Voice" menu to reveal slider bars that change particular settings. Under appearance, you can change skin tone, hair colour and facial appearances. Select settings that create a female elf, which you find attractive.

Choose a voice that you find pleasing from the last setting on the list before clicking "Next" to continue.

Set your character attributes. As a mage, you'll want a high magic attribute with a high willpower to help supplement your character's spell casting. Click "Next" to move onward through the creation process.

Choose your starting skill from the list available. Selectable spells are lit up while non-selectable spells are unlit in the list. Click "Next" and use the same process to choose your beginning spells. As a new magi, it's best to select an attack spell to start. Press "Next" to continue.

Select a difficulty level from "Easy" to "Nightmare" then press "OK" to begin the game with your pretty elf mage in the mages' fortress.

Things You'll Need

  • PC or Console
  • Dragon Age: Origins video game
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