How to Unshare on Facebook

Sharing on Facebook -- namely, "status updates" that detail your state of mind, current activity or whereabouts and "posts" that link to external content or media -- is central to communicating with others using the site. Status updates and posts you share reach your entire network of friends via Facebook's News Feed the moment you post them. You can un-share Facebook posts and status updates you later decide you don't want others to see.

Sign on to Facebook. Click your name or profile picture in the upper, left corner of the site to go to your profile page.

Scroll down through your Facebook "Wall" to see a list of posts and status updates you've made. Hover your mouse over the right side of each post or status update you want to un-share until an "x" icon appears. Click it.

Click "Remove Post" to delete the post or status update from your wall. Doing so also deletes it from your Facebook "News Feed" -- no other Facebook user is able to see the content any longer.


Un-share with care. It isn't possible to undelete a post or status update on Facebook -- and while it is possible to re-post the exact same content, you lose comments and "Likes" your friends give a post or status update when you delete content.

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