How to change the file names on the kindle

Updated April 17, 2017

If you added your own e-books to your Kindle manually, some of them might not have the proper titles when you view them in the list of e-books on your device. You can try to change the file names manually by connecting the Kindle to a computer with a USB cable, but that won't fix most of the issues. Instead, you need to change the metadata in the files that the Kindle uses to display information in the list of books on the device.

Open your Web browser and go to Download and install Calibre for your operating system. This program can manage your Kindle library and change the metadata of any file.

Open Calibre when it finishes installing. Plug one end of the Kindle USB cable into the Kindle and the other end into your computer. Calibre will read your device and generate a list of titles on it.

Click on the title of the book that you want to change to highlight it.

Click the "Edit Metadata" icon; it's a white "i" in a blue circle near the top of the Calibre window.

Enter the correct information in the appropriate fields. To only change the file name as it's displayed on the Kindle, change the "Title" field. You can change other information such as author, publisher and ISBN number.

Click "OK" when you finish editing the metadata.

Right-click on the title in the list of books in Calibre and click "Send to Device." Click your Kindle in the list. Calibre will send the updated information to your Kindle.

Things You'll Need

  • Kindle USB cable
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