How to send a name change token as a gift on imvu

Updated July 20, 2017

Presenting itself as the world's premiere 3D Avatar Chat, IMVU has remained strong since early 2004, despite competitors such as Gaia Online. Geared towards teenagers and even adults, it has a variety of options for your avatar and worlds to chat in. However, after such a long time on the market, it's likely that some early adopters will find their tastes in name changing over time.You may even find yourself wanting to give a friend the gift of changing their name from a particular singer who may have fallen out of favour. Sending a name change token as a gift is easy and takes no more effort than buying one for yourself.

Log into your IMVU account first, making sure it is the account which you want to use to purchase the name change token from.

Click "Credits" next to your name at the top left of the screen. It may say "0 Credits" or however many credits are currently on your account.

Click "More Upgrades" in the centre box, where the plus sign is. This will drop down and reveal more account upgrades that you may purchase.

Select the check box next to "Get a New Name" to select for purchase the name change token.

Click the payment option of your choice to the right (Credit Card, PayPal or one of the other options IMVU accepts under "More Options").

Click "Make it a Gift?" under the payment option and type the current Avatar Name of the person you are giving the gift to in the box that appears below.

Select "Checkout" and continue your purchase as you would normally. When done, the name change token will be sent to the person whose Avatar Name you typed in.


Remember, when giving a name token as a gift, select the name change token only. Any upgrades you purchase will all be delivered as a gift, so if you want to make a purchase for yourself as well, you must purchase it separately.

Things You'll Need

  • IMVU account
  • Credit Card (or PayPal account)
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