How to Remove Pixelation in Enlarged Photos

Updated February 21, 2017

Pixelation causes your digital photographs to be blurry and difficult to see. Most image manipulation software come with built in filters that you can use to sharpen the pixels, touch up the photographs and reduce the blurriness. Although image processing software can help improve an image, the best way to get good quality is to take high-resolution photos. This gives you more information to work with and will make it easier for you to get exactly the picture that you want.

Download and Launch GIMP. This is a free photo editing software. As of 2011 GIMP is free.

Open the photo that you wish to work on by going to "File" and "Open" and selecting the photo.

Use the "Blur" menu to remove pixelation. To do this, click on "Filters" and then select "Blur." From the "Blur" menu, choose "Selective Gaussian Blur." If you want to remove pixelation from the entire photo, leave the tool as it is. If you wish to select specific areas, choose either the "Rectangle" tool or the "Lasso" from the toolbar and then select the area. Adjust the "Blur Radius" and "Max Delta" (In GIMP it says "Horizontal" and "Vertical") by using the up or down area keys until you get the result that you are after. The preview is shown in the preview pane. Save your changes by hitting the "OK" button.

Use the "Despeckle" feature to remove additonal pixels from the enlarged photo. Click on "Filter" again and then select "Enhance." From the "Enhance" menu, select "Despeckle." Slide the "Blur Radius" slider back and forth until you get the desired result. Hit the "OK" button to save the changes.

Use the sharpen tool by going to "Filter," "Enhance" and "Sharpen" (or "Unsharp Mask"). Slide the slider to the right slightly. Check the preview window to see if it has given you the result that you desire. Click "OK" when you are satisfied.

Go to the "File" menu and click "Save as" when you are finished and give the file a name.

Things You'll Need

  • Image manipulation program
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