How to Turn on Subtitles in GOM

Updated February 21, 2017

GOM Media Player is a computer program that lets you play audio and video files on your Windows PC. If a video file that you're playing has subtitles associated with it, you can toggle these subtitles on and off. Similar to the way subtitles on a DVD or Blu-ray home videodisc operate, you just need to select the appropriate option from within the main GOM Media Player window.

Click the "GOM" logo in the upper-left corner of the main GOM Player interface.

Mouse over the menu option reading "Subtitles."

Click the "Show Subtitles" option. This will enable the subtitles for a video file, causing them to immediately display on screen.

Increase the size, spacing and position of the subtitles using the options in the "Subtitles" drop-down menu. If you want to move the subtitles farther down the screen, for example, select the "Down by 2%" option. If you want to increase the font size of the subtitles select the "Enlarge Font Size" option.


"Subtitle Explorer" is a built-in application available from the same portion of the GOM Player menu that allows you to view all of the subtitles for a file at once. Each line of the subtitle is accompanied by the time code at which it appears and disappears from the screen.

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