How to Get Rid of Incubi

Updated February 21, 2017

An incubus is the masculine form of a demon that feeds off its human host. Incubi feed off the energy created by sexual desire or frustration. Because of how they take in energy from a person, they are sometimes regarded as a type of minor vampire. They are intangible, and are almost never seen by the person they're bothering. Although incubi generally don't cause too much of a problem, they can cause their host to feel tired, weak, frightened or uncomfortable. Luckily, it's not too difficult to banish an incubus.

Perform a banishing ritual. There are many different banishing rituals to choose from. Some people, feel more comfortable seeking help from their religion. A priest or other holy leader can be asked to come in and perform a banishing and blessing ritual. A banishing can also be done without the help of religion. Pagan or witchcraft type rituals, such as the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, can be performed at home. Choose a ritual you're comfortable with.

Hang a dream catcher over or near your bed. Dream catchers are Native American objects that are designed to stop bad dreams from reaching the dreamer. Incubi are often associated with nightmares, so the dream catcher often has a strong effect against the demon.

Create a banishing liquid. Generally, when a demon is being exorcised from a home, holy water or purification oils are the basis of this liquid. Other things, such as powerful herbs, can be mixed in. However, incubi are generally regarded as minor demons. They can usually be controlled with a simple salt water mixture.

Place the banishing liquid in a spray bottle. Lightly mist the room in which the incubus attacks have been occurring. Other rooms in the house can also be misted if you feel it's necessary. If you don't want to spray salt water on your carpets or furniture, you can sprinkle small amounts of salt around the room in strategic places, such as across door frames and windowsills.

Repeat a prayer or words of power as you spray or sprinkle the banishing mixture. Words of power can be almost anything that allows you to focus your energy on the task, and make your meaning clear to the incubus. Saying something like "This is my home, and you will not bother me in it," should work well.

Burn a sage incense stick. Carry the stick through any rooms in the house that you feel need purifying. Again, use the words of power you spoke before as you do this.

Place a piece of gold near your bed. Usually, when banishing a demon, gemstones are used in this way as deterrents. However, incubi are more repelled by gold than any other precious substance.

Stay focused. Be strong and fearless as you perform the rituals and cleansings. Any sign of weakness or fear is an invitation for the incubus to come back.

Things You'll Need

  • Dream catcher
  • Banishing liquid, such as water and salt
  • Spray bottle
  • Sage incense
  • Piece of gold
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