How to Find a Store That Sells Pokemon Cards

Updated July 20, 2017

The Pokemon Trading Card Game has been a favourite among trading card gamers for more than 10 years. The Nintendo-owned company releases four new sets of booster packs each year, so the game is always evolving. Pokemon Trading Card Game players can even compete in tournaments. First, however, a player needs to get the cards.

Visit a trading card shop. Many deal in more than sports cards; they have a large selection of cards for trading card games such as Pokemon.

Visit a store that sells Nintendo products. Nintendo distributes Pokemon cards, so they are often available in such stores. This is true for both department stores and for stores that specialise in video games.

Search pharmacies or convenience stores. Some carry sports cards, or cards for trading card games such as Pokemon.

Check stores that specialise in video games, board games or toys. Use your local yellow pages or browse the Internet to find these stores.

Check the Internet. Many online stores sell Pokemon cards. Search around for the best deals on booster packs, or to find a specific card.


If you need directions to any store that might have Pokemon cards, use an online mapping service, which will give you door-to-door directions.

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