How to set up auto DM in twitter

Updated July 13, 2018

Direct messages, or DMs, are used in Twitter to send private messages to people who follow your account. Many Twitter users frown on automated direct messages, and some even consider them spam. While Twitter does not recommend using automated direct messages, it does not forbid them, and there are no regulations against using them. Most users use them only to greet new followers or send important messages. Social Oomph and Twitter DMer allow you to send auto DMs to new followers. TweetManager will send the same DM to up to 250 followers at once.

Create a free account on the Social Oomph website by clicking "Register." Type a user name, password, e-mail address, first and last names in the required fields. Type the captcha text as it appears at the bottom of the page and click "Create Free Account."

Open your e-mail inbox and retrieve the Social Oomph verification e-mail. Click the link to log into Social Oomph.

Click "Social Accounts." Click "Add a New Twitter Account." Social Oomph will then attempt to access your Twitter account. Click "Authorize Access" > "Allow."

Click "Edit/Automate My Twitter Account." Compose the message you want to send as an automated direct message. Click the check box beside "Automatically send a welcome message to new followers." Click "Save."

Enter a user name and password on the Twitter DMer website.

Type a direct message into the text field. Click the "Enable Twitter DMer" button. Use the {firstname} tag to use your followers' first names in the direct message.

Click the "Enable Twitter DMer" button to authorise access to your Twitter account.

Type or paste your Twitter follower user names into the text field, one name per line, up to a maximum of 250 names.

Click "Add Followers."

Type your Twitter user name, password and a direct message in the text fields. Click "Submit My Message." The message will be sent to the followers you listed in Step 1.

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