How to turn my dog's paw print into a tattoo

Animal paw print tattoos are common and a myriad of stock flash depicts paws of different types. However, a meaningful version of a common animal paw tattoo is one of your own dog's. Knowing how to turn your dog print into a tattoo only requires some ordinary office materials. It gives you the ability to present an identical image to your favourite, trusted tattoo artist.

Press one of your dog's paws evenly and firmly into the stamp ink pad.

Press the ink-coated paw firmly and evenly over the centre of a sheet of normal white printer paper. Be careful not to smudge the print. Have one of your friends or family members hold your dog so he doesn't squirm.

Lift your dog's paw straight up from the paper to avoid smearing. The final result will be a perfect print of your dog's paw. Let it air dry without touching it to any surfaces for at least 30 minutes. This makes sure that it doesn't smudge when you transport it to your tattooist.

Take the paw print to a trusted, talented tattoo artist who has access to a flash machine, which most tattoo shops do. From here, the tattooist will resize the print in the flash machine according to your specifications. Perhaps your dog's paw is large and you want it small, but still identical, the flash machine resizes it any way you want. Select an area for your tattooist to apply the meaningful symbol with his or her tools.

Things You'll Need

  • Non-toxic stamp ink pad
  • White paper
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