How to get a divine horse on howrse

An online game with over 73,000 players in 22 countries, is a place to breed, train, auction and race virtual horses for equus money and karma points. Each player begins with one pony or horse, which he must take care of on a daily basis until he earns the right to auction or trade. Divine horses have special powers and are a rare and expensive bunch. If you are lucky enough to get a divine horse, you or the horse will be given special powers that can be used to raise your game ranking.

Obtain a divine horse at random when you start the game. This is the only way to get the divine horse Cowbra, who cannot be sold or reproduced by the owning player. There is only one Cowbra in circulation.

Bid on a divine horse at auction. On, a few of the divine horses can be sold by other platers, such as Sleipnir, Xanthos, Balios, Croesus (and Croesus Junior) and Gypse divine horses. You can bid on a horse once you have 10 days of seniority playing the game and zero or more karma points.

Find a Sleipnir horse in your stable. A Sleipnir has special powers but will run away if his owner signs off for more than 30 days or does not take care of the horse adequately for seven days. A Sleipner's powers depend on the colour of his coat, such as special skills like galloping, trotting or jumping.

Breed an existing Snow or Mist divine horse to create the divine offspring Ocean. Like Sleipner divine horses, Snow, Mist and Ocean have powers that vary by coat colour. Mist is also the only female divine horse in the game.


Xanthos is a horse that gives energy points or a chance to win the Horn of Plenty when stroked. Balios, the mythical brother of Xanthos, gives his owner a Nyx Pack, which enhances the owner's skills each day. The divine horse Croesus (and Junior Croesus) produces equus instead of manure and gives you a pass on the 13th day of each month. Gypse is a horse made of sand that can be traded for items and then re-created back into a horse.

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