How to Make a Blushing Smiley Face on Facebook IM

Updated April 17, 2017

As a Facebook user, you can share links, photos and status updates -- brief comments on what you're doing -- with other users. You can also use Facebook's built-in instant messenger feature to chat with your Facebook friends. Facebook's IM supports a range of custom smileys or emoticons but lacks a "blushing" or "embarrassed" smiley. Instead, you can create a blushing smiley face by typing in a character string. This won't appear as a graphic, but it will convey a shy, ashamed, embarrassed or excited blushing emotion.

Log in to your Facebook account.

Click on the Chat pull-up menu on the bottom right of your screen. Begin a chat session with a friend.

Type (#^.^#) to create a shy blushing smiley.

Type (ยด?`) to indicate a romantic or infatuated blush.

Type (^?^) to indicate a joyful blush.


If you use Firefox, you can install a simple script to display all the possible Facebook chat emoticons on screen so you only have to click on the one you want to have it appear. To do this, first install the Greasemonkey Firefox extension and restart your browser. Next, install the Facebook Chatbar+ script. Note that there is no blushing smiley.

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