How to make your stilettos comfortable

Updated February 21, 2017

Stiletto heels make legs appear long with their thin, sharp heel, measuring as much as 12 inches. While adding a sensual look to any outfit, stiletto heals do not provide much comfort to a woman's foot. Make your stiletto heel comfortable with shoe inserts that are made specifically for high heel shoes, providing support for both the heel and ball of each foot. Take note of your posture, and put your stiletto shoes on often to make shoes comfortable and ready to wear out.

Remove the high heel shoe inserts from the package, and slip each shoe insert onto the insole of stiletto shoe with one hand. Firmly press down on the insert to secure the insert to the insole of the shoe. Peel off the protective back paper if using gel shoe inserts to prevent the insert from moving around the insole while wearing.

Peel the protective back paper from the shoe sole grip and apply the grip to the sole of each stiletto shoe. Press the grip pad down with the palm of your hands for 30 seconds to secure the grip pad to the sole of the shoe. The sole grip pad provides added security when walking with stilettos, preventing you from slipping on smooth surfaces.

Hold the stiletto's heel with one hand, and the front of the stiletto, or toe box, with the other hand. Bend the toe box up and down with your hand to soften the sole and upper leather, plastic or fabric material of each shoe, where your foot bends while walking. Bending each shoe helps loosen the material, making your stilettos more comfortable to wear.

Wear stilettos at home while doing chores to mould the stilettos to the shape of your feet, making them more comfortable to wear. The high heel shoe insoles will also conform to the shape of feet when wearing the stilettos. Avoid wearing stiletto shoes out after purchasing, to prevent injuries on your ankles and toes.

Stand with an erect posture when wearing stiletto heels. Take small steps to prevent injuring leg muscles and ease the weight on the ball of your foot. Place one foot in front of the other when walking with stiletto shoes, allowing your hips to swing from side to side. Roll each foot on the ground with your stiletto shoes, from heel to toe, to permit feet to flex while walking.


Wait six hours, or as indicated on the package label, before walking with grip pads on your stiletto heels.

Things You'll Need

  • High heel shoe inserts
  • Shoe sole grip pads
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