How to Change Your Voice in Adobe Soundbooth

Updated February 21, 2017

Adobe Soundbooth is a simple way to record and edit your audio tracks. Unlike advanced audio editing software like Adobe Audition, Soundbooth offers a range of presets to help you make quick changes to your audio files. When you record into Adobe Soundbooth, you can apply an effect preset to your voice to make the audio sound more professional, whimsical or stylised. Choose a sound based on the goal of your recording project. It may take trial and error to find the right effect preset until you are familiar with all of the software's sound options. Begin with Vocal Enhancer and adjust as you see fit.

Open Adobe Soundbooth. Record your voice into the software by clicking the red "Record" icon in the main task window.

Click "Stop" to complete your recording. The audio file will appear in the main project window where you can edit the length of the file and add effects.

Select the "Effects" tab beneath the Project window. The tab is located next to the Task menu. An Effects menu is also present in the Main toolbar. Click the drop-down menu on the Effects tab and choose "Vocal Enhancer."

Choose a default preset under Vocal Enhancer. Options include Male, Female or Music. Choose the Music option if your recording is for a song. Voice-over tracks should use the Male or Female option. The Female preset removes bass and adds a reverberation to the tone of the voice, while the Male option evens out the audio, removing loudness from the track.

Click "Apply to File." Once the preset finishes rendering, test the changes to your voice by clicking the Play button in the main project window. If you do not like the results of your preset, click "Edit" then "Undo" on the main menu bar.

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