How to Play "Dragon Age: Origins" Without a Disk

Updated July 20, 2017

Like most PC games, "Dragon Age: Origins" was designed to be played with the game disk in the CD drive. Of course, if you damaged your game disk, misplaced it or just don't have it anymore, this can cause a serious problem, especially if you're itching to jump back into the land of Ferelden and do some world-saving. In order to play "DA:O" without the disk, you will need to download a modified version of the "DA:O" executable file. Please note, this is only legal if you own a legally-purchased copy of "Dragon Age:Origins."

Open your preferred browser and navigate to "Game Copy World" (see Resources).

Click the NO-CD patch in the list of patches that corresponds to your version of the game. If you have "Version 1.4 English," select that link.

Click the "disk" icon next to the patch name. Select a mirror and download the file onto your hard drive.

Open the file and copy the "DAOrigins.exe" file into your "Dragon Age: Origins" play folder. Confirm your desire to replace the existing file when prompted. You will now be able to play "DA:O" without the disk.


Using a No-CD patch falls under the "Fair Use Doctrine," which is the same law that makes it possible for people to record TV shows onto their DVR machines. Essentially, if you purchased the game legally, then it is legal for you to patch it in this manner. If you obtained the game illegally, then this patch is also illegal.

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