How to translate into gaelic

Written by amy ess | 13/05/2017
How to translate into gaelic
English can easily be translated into both Irish and Scottish Gaelic. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

Both Irish and Scottish heritages have their own versions of Gaelic with different pronunciations, and frequently, different vocabulary. You might need to translate English into Irish or Scottish Gaelic because you are doing a school project, travelling to Ireland or Scotland, or you because you wish to learn a new language. Multiple sources exist that can help you translate English into Scottish or Irish Gaelic.

Go to the Irish Dictionary Online webpage.

Type in your English word or words into the box that reads "English Word(s)." The translator works best while translating one word at a time. You can also type in your English verb into the box which reads "English Verb."

Click "go" next to the box which you have written the English you would like to translate into Irish Gaelic. The translator will give you various options for the word you translated, as well as how the word is used in a sentence.

Go to the Irish Dictionary webpage.

Type in your English word you would like translated into Irish Gaelic in the top box which reads "Look it up."

Click on the "Look it up" button and the page will show you multiple translations as well as uses for the word which you looked up.

Go to the Lexilogos webpage.

Type in your English word into the box, which reads: "Type a word & select a dictionary."

Click on one of the two of the top row of buttons that read "English > Gaelic dictionary."

There are two options.

The stor-data option: the Gaelic Terminology Database.

The B. Beag: The School Gaelic Dictionary.

A new window will pop up with multiple translations for the word you have entered.

Go to the Simple Translation Diction website.

Select English as the source language and Scottish Gaelic as the target language.

Type in the word you would like translated into Scottish Gaelic and press the "translate" button. The results will appear on the screen below the word you have typed.

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