How to Disable Gmail on an Android

Updated April 17, 2017

Google's Android operating system was designed to work easily with Gmail. When you enter a Gmail account on an Android 3 device, including the account you were required to enter when first setting up the device, the Gmail account automatically syncs with the Android system and notifies you of new messages. However, you might not want to use Gmail on the device.

Tap "Gmail."

Press the "Menu" button and tap "Settings." On some Android devices, you might need to tap "More" before "Settings."

Tap the Gmail account you do not want to sync with your device.

Tap "Gmail sync for this account is ON."

Tap the name of the Gmail account again.

Tap "Sync Gmail." If the Android device was set to sync, this disables it as indicated by the box next to the account now not having a check mark. You do not need to confirm your selection and you can enable Gmail again at any time by rechecking the box next to the account name.


You can also disable Gmail by going through the Settings menu from the Home screen and choosing "Accounts & Sync."

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