Instructions for a Bernina Minimatic 807

Updated April 17, 2017

The Bernina Minimatic 807 is a home sewing machine introduced by Bernina in the 1970s. As of May of 2011, Bernina is a fourth-generation, family-owned company committed to providing top-quality goods to the textile market. The first Bernina home sewing machine was introduced in 1932. Since then, Berninas have lead the way in sewing machine innovations. The series of machines which included the Minimatic was the first to introduce an electronic foot control. That series also remained the top seller for 11 years.

Place the spool of thread on either spool spindle and lead the thread clockwise around the pretension winder. The pretension winder is the small metal knob located on the top left-hand side of the sewing machine.

Draw the thread through the bobbin and place the bobbin on the winder spindle. The winder spindle is located on top right-hand side of the sewing machine. Slide the bobbin to the right on the winder spindle until it snaps into place.

Hold the outer hand wheel still with one hand and turn the inner hand wheel one full rotation towards you. Hold the tail of thread coming from the bobbin and activate the sewing machine by pressing down on the peddle. The bobbin and the winder spindle will snap back to the left once the bobbin is full. Cut the threading linking the bobbin to the spool.

Open the hinged bobbin-casing cover and remove the bobbin casing. Place the full bobbin in the bobbin casing and draw the thread through the slot and under the casing-tension spring. Place the bobbin and bobbin casing back under the casing cover and flip it closed.

Guide the thread from the spool through the thread-guide eyelet located on the back panel of the machine. Lead the thread from the back eyelet up through the tension-disc slot and down the front side of the machine.

Draw the thread through the bottom thread guide and then up through the slot in the take-up lever. Guide the thread down from the take-up lever and through the top needle guide.

Thread the needle front to back. Leave a few inches of extra thread. Hold the outer hand wheel with one hand and turn the inner hand wheel with your other hand until it is tight in place.

Turn the outer hand wheel one rotation towards you. Pull lightly on the needle thread to bring out the bobbin thread.


Keep the needle at the highest point possible, and always keep the presser foot up during the threading process.

Things You'll Need

  • Thread
  • Bobbin
  • Scissors
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