Instructions for How to Make a Bendaroo Snake

Updated February 21, 2017

"Bendaroos" are small bendable sticks with a wax coating that lets them stick to other Bendaroo sticks. They can be used to mould a wide variety of objects, items and animals, including snakes. Making a "Bendaroo" snake requires understanding the basic process behind using the sticks as well as picking a snake you want to model. You can use them to make any type of snake you want, as long as you have the patience and planning to finish the project.

Look at a picture of your snake as a reference before you begin making your snake.

Take at least seven of your sticks and press them together. Make sure they fit tightly and snugly against each other.

Stop adding new sticks to the body's length if the snake is as long as you want it to be. If not, press seven more sticks together as you did in step one, but push them together carefully at the ends of the original seven sticks. Continue this process until the snake is as long as you want.

Wrap different coloured sticks width-wise down the length of your snake's body. Make sure these are tightly wrapped so that your snake doesn't fall apart. Push them down gently to adhere them to the snake's main body.

Pick a side of the snake to be the head. Place small dots of Bendaroo on the top to create the eyeballs; place white dots on the front of the eye bulges to create eyes and press a much smaller coloured dot into the centre of each eye to create the irises. Check your snake's progress against your picture to see if it looks similar.

Press down lightly on the tail side of the snake to narrow it down to a point. Add any tail accessories such as a rattler.

Take a shorter stick and wrap it around into the shape of the top of the snake mouth. It should curve outwards like a sphere. Stick this underneath your eyes at a length that is appropriate for your snake. Wrap a few short sticks around the top of this stick to create the top of the mouth.

Repeat step seven underneath the top half to create the bottom mouth. Take short, white sticks and narrow them to a point. Stick a few on the top and bottom of your mouth to create your snake's teeth.

Use a light pin to etch scratches along the side of your snake's body. Scratch these into the shape of scales. Bend the sticks to pose your snake anyway you want.

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