How to Find Nemo Converse All Stars

Updated November 21, 2016

The Nemo, or clown fish, toddler shoes by Converse All Stars are a unique Converse-brand sneaker with orange, white and black stripes to make the shoes look like an orange, white and black clown fish, complete with small fins on each side of the shoe. Made popular by the Walt Disney movie "Finding Nemo," clown fish items are considered popular among small children. However, these shoes can be difficult to find in many shoe or retail stores. However, knowing a few tips can making getting a pair of the coveted Converse sneakers easier.

Try online auction websites. Type "Converse All Star Clown Fish Shoes" or "Nemo Converse All Star Shoes" into the main search category and click on listings that seem appropriate. Check a seller's ratings and read all shipping and refund policies thoroughly before purchasing.

Look at auction websites in other countries, such as or, using the same search criteria. When clicking on auction links check the shipping information carefully and verify that the seller will ship internationally and consider the international shipping costs before placing a bid.

Check local online selling sites. Click on "US Cities" from the main screen and choose your city or closest city. Click on "Baby and Kids" under the "For Sale" banner in the middle of the page and type your search criteria in the search field. You may also want to try searching under the "Clothes and Accessories" link. If you find the shoes and make arrangements to meet the seller to purchase the shoes, remember to meet in a public place and bring someone with you. Never release your personal or financial information to the seller.

Visit to find a local store that sells Converse shoes. Check the store for the clown fish shoes and ask the employees if they will have the clown fish shoes or if they can be ordered for you.

Do an online search for the shoes and look for online retailers that have the shoes in stock. If the site is international, verify that they offer international shipping and be sure to convert the desired shoe size to U.S. sizes.

Look in children's consignment stores and sales for the shoes. Keep an eye out at garage sales and ask friends and family members to look for them as well.

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