How to Increase Google Chrome Cache

Updated July 19, 2017

In a Web browser such as Google Chrome, the disk cache consists of temporary data stored on the hard drive to make frequently visited websites display more quickly by limiting the amount of data that your computer needs to download. Many Web browsers allow you to change the size of the cache through the browser's configuration menus, but Google Chrome does not. Add a command line switch to the shortcut for Google Chrome to change the size of the disk cache.

Right-click the Google Chrome shortcut on the Start menu or desktop and select "Properties."

Click the "Shortcut" tab at the top of the "Google Chrome Properties" window.

Click the "Target" field, and push the "End" key to move the cursor to the end of the text.

Push the space bar once.

Type "--disk-cache-size=10000000" in the field, modifying the number after "size=" so that it represents the space that you would like to devote to the Google Chrome disk cache in bytes.

Click "OK." Close any running instances of Google Chrome, and reopen the browser to begin using the new cache size.

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