How to Draw People with Big Heads and Small Bodies

Updated April 17, 2017

Drawing people requires practice. While drawing people in cartoon proportions is not easy, there's room for inaccuracy because it's whimsical.

Start by drawing a large circle for the head.

Sketch a proportionately small rectangle for the torso and two rectangles for the legs. Add small rectangles at the sides of the torso for arms.

Draw a vertical and horizontal line to divide the head into four areas. The horizontal line should be slightly above centre because this is where the eyes will be.

The eyes can be round or a more realistic almond shape. The eyes should also be proportionately large to go with the face. The nose will start at the centre of the guide lines. The nose can be a curved "L." Add a mouth below the nose.

Finish the body by drawing the clothes. For the hands, sketch little round shapes with lines for fingers. Create shoes, which are round shapes with a flat bottom. Keep the proportion the same as you add details.


Experiment with proportions. Make your next attempt have an even bigger head. Make the body even smaller.

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