How to Make the Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar Bigger

Updated April 17, 2017

Mozilla Firefox, a free web browser, allows you to add a bookmark toolbar below your address bar. You can then drag and drop tabs of frequently visited websites onto the bookmarks toolbar to have them available for quick reference. If you use a large monitor, the default bookmark text size may be too small. Fortunately, by editing the userChrome.css file in Firefox, you can increase the size of the text on the bookmark toolbar, and in turn increase the size of the bookmark toolbar itself.

Right-click on the Windows "Start" button and select "Explore." A file explorer window will appear.

Navigate to the following location using the pathways in the left pane of the window:


Replace "{Username} with your Windows account username and {profile} with your Firefox profile. Note that your Firefox profile usually consists of a string of numbers and letters followed by .default, unless you changed it.

Locate the "user Chrome-example.css" file in the right window pane. Right-click the file and select "Rename." Name the file "userChrome.css" and press "Enter."

Right-click the "userChrome.css" file and select "Open with." Scroll over and click on "Notepad." The .css file will open in Notepad.

Add the following line of code to the bottom of the file:

.toolbarbutton-text {

font-size: 9px !important;


Change "9" to the size in pixels you want the font size of the bookmarks toolbar to be.

Click on "File" then select "Save."

Close Firefox and restart the browser for the changes to take effect.


If using Windows XP, Firefox's userChrome.css file is located at "C:\Documents and Settings{UserName}\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles{Profile}\chrome\". Delete the newly added code from the userChrome.css file, if unhappy with the results. If you cannot see the extension behind the "userChrome.css" filename click on Tools > Folder Options > View and uncheck "Hide extensions for known file types."

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