How to Remove a Sniper Dot in "Team Fortress 2"

Updated April 17, 2017

"Team Fortress 2" is a first-person shooter for the PC and Xbox 360. By default, the Sniper rifle has a red dot in its scope. Many players find the dot unnecessary and annoying, so they often want to remove the red dot. The game doesn't have a built-in method to remove the dot, so you will have to download a skin or edit the game's script to rid the dot from the Sniper class's rifle.

Open the game's "sniper.cfg" file located in the game's "CFG" folder. The default file path is "C:\Program Files\Team Fortress 2\tf\cfg." The file can be opened with a basic editing program, such as Notepad.

Enter the crosshair removal script at the bottom of the file:

alias s1 "crosshair 0; slot 1"

alias s2 "crosshair 1; slot 2"

alias s3 "crosshair 1; slot 3"

bind 1 s1

bind 2 s2

bind 3 s3

crosshair 0

This script is created by "Delicious," a member of the Game Banana community.

Press "Control" and "S" to save the file. The next time you use the rifle, the red dot on the sniper rifle will be removed.

Download a skin for the Sniper's rifle that eliminates the red dot crosshair. These skins are free to download and are usually available from many file hosting and "Team Fortress 2" modding sites. Skins are almost always downloaded in a compressed folder.

Use a file extraction program, such as WinRAR, to extract the files from the compressed folder. To extract the files, open the compressed folder with WinRAR and click "Extract" to unzip the compressed folder.

Move the extracted files and folders to the "Materials" folder in the "Team Fortress 2" directory. The default file path is "C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\<>\Team Fortress 2\tf\Materials." Once moved into the folder, the game will load the new skin for the rifle instead of the game's default.

Things You'll Need

  • WinRAR
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