How to Open the OFT File Type

Microsoft's Outlook saves its message templates using the .OFT file extension. Message templates come in handy if you send multiple e-mails out that all use the same basic format -- a newsletter or business form, for example. Message templates aren't new to Outlook to 2010, but the way you open them has changed. Older versions of the program opened .OFT files via the "Tools" menu, but in Outlook 2010 you open message templates in the "Developer" tab. The trouble stems from the fact that the "Developer" tab is hidden by default.

Click "File," then click "Options." The "Outlook Options" window opens.

Click "Customize Ribbon" in the column of options on the left side of the window. Customisation options appear in the main pane.

Click the "Customize the Ribbon" drop-down menu on the right side of the window, then select "Main Tabs." A list of available tabs appears in the panel underneath.

Check the box next to "Developer."

Click "OK."

Click the newly appeared "Developer" tab.

Click "Choose Form" in the "Custom Forms" group in the Developer toolbar. A "Choose Form" window opens.

Click the "Browse" button.

Navigate to the .OFT file in the "Browse" interface.

Click on the file, then click "Open." Outlook opens a new message window with the message template loaded.

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