How to Crop Clips in Premiere Pro

Updated February 21, 2017

Adobe Premiere Pro is a professional video-editing software program. Cropping video using Premiere Pro can be done in a couple of minutes. Cropping means clipping the edges of the video. All four edges of a video can be cropped using Premiere Pro's built-in Crop effect. Cropping a video is useful when you want to display multiple clips on the same screen, such as for a split-screen conversation.

Open Adobe Premiere Pro. Click the Start Menu, then select "Program Files" and "Adobe Premiere Pro."

Open a new or existing project.

Import a video clip into the "Media Bin" by pressing "Control" and "I" at the same time on the keyboard. The imported media will appear in the media bin. Drag the clip to the "Timeline" or "Source" viewer, depending on where you want to edit the clip.

Click the "Effects" tab in the bottom-left corner of the program. Click "Video Effects," then click "Transform" and locate "Crop." Drag the crop effect into the video clip in the timeline or source viewer.

Click on the "Effects Control" tab, where the "Crop" effect is located. Click the triangle on the crop effect to expand its properties. There will be four items: "Left," "Top," "Right" and "Bottom." Each item will have a "0.0 %" sign next to it. This indicates the amount that side of the video has been cropped. The default is 0.0, which is no crop.

Adjust the values for the four items. The video will be cropped accordingly. Once you are satisfied with the cropping, you can save or render the video.

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